January 21, 2021
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Brief Introduction To Ancient & Esoteric Science Of Nadi Astrology

Brief Introduction To Ancient & Esoteric Science Of Nadi Astrology

The widely famous and highly sought-after form of astrological science, Nadi Astrology, is among the oldest forms of astrology in India. Originating more than 5000 years ago, it is an age-old methodology highly prevalent in Southern parts of India including Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The term “nadi” is an ancient Tamil word which means ‘searching for’, and this science involves the use of the wisdom of the ancient Indian sages, to get a better understanding about the past, present and the future of individual self.

Nadi Astrology Definition

Nadi Astrology Definition

According to Nadi Astrology, the wise and spiritually enlightened sages of the previous time had attained the superpower of knowledge about the life history of people born in those times and also about the people who were yet to be born! In order to preserve this precious knowledge, it was penned down on palm leaves and smeared with turmeric & oil for preservation. Those leaves contain the life history of people and by consulting these leaves the Nadi astrologers foretell the future of the enquirer.

The Language And Its Interpretation

The nadis are named after the names of the sages who had recorded them, which include Suka Nadi, Kaushika Nadi, Brahma Nadi, and Agasthiya Nadi. Understanding the manuscript on the leaves is not very simple as it is written in ancient Tamil & Sanskrit texts as well as it is in poetic format. Hence, to decipher the language, a person is required to do a deep study of the language so as to make it understandable for the general public.


It is a said that the Nadi’s are not available for all the people in the world, it tends to attract only those people towards itself whose life history is written on the leaves. Usually, when distress and hardship surround a person leaving him humble and weak, in those situations he seeks out this form of astrology with a hope of a better future or for preparedness for the worse.

A genuine and learned astrologer employs Nadi astrology by date of birth and thumbprint of the help seeker. After that, using the thumbprint his leaf is searched. When the leaf is found, the person is first asked some question relating to his past or present, if it matches the details on the leaf, then it is confirmed the contents on the leaf is of that particular person, then the questions of the clients are answered.

Future Prediction Validation

The future of the anxious person is told but in brief. Due to broader future predictions, often people consider Nadi astrology future predictions wrong or misleading. But in actuality, the rishi-munis has not mentioned the accurate details of the future, they had stated it sparingly along with methods or updates to dispense with the bad conditions in the future.

Nadi astrology, a time long past form of astrology, has gained immense popularity in the past few years owing to the curiosity and rising sorrow is the lives of people. But it is highly essential to be vigilant about the astrologer you consult, as there are very few genuine and reliable ones, while others are just earning out of the innocence of woeful people.

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