June 2, 2020
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Data Science Ushering A New Career Revolution

Data Science Ushering A New Career Revolution

Hitesh, a skilled technocrat was swiftly climbing the ladder when something moved him. He was skilled in statistics and an analytical bent of mind differentiated him from the rest of trainees

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He was one of the brightest of all trainees in the company. His innate passion for equities and derivates also furthered his growth. So what was the change?

Learn More About Data Science

The management team of Hitesh’s company implemented Algorithmic trading in its new functions. Algorithmic trading, a product of Artificial intelligence is a form of software-based trading. It is designed using complex algorithms. In the light of parameters like historical data and programmed parameters, business decisions can be taken.

The performance of the algorithm trading system was so meticulous that both the management team and clients were delighted. Human resources, however, could not match the standards and felt ignored. But Hitesh saw the latent opportunity in the problem. He started upgrading his Data Science skills. Soon he developed expertise in Algorithm trading and Artificial intelligence, as a whole. He mastered the usage of Big Data for Decision making, building up a distinct profile in the corporation.

Due to rapid advancement in technology, Artificial intelligence is used indispensably in all sectors. It finds application in sales, IT telecom, e-commerce, and transportation to name a few. Technocrats like Hitesh use such change as a challenge to accelerate their progress rate. Change resistant guys, however, find it as a cause for downfall in career.

Scope of Data Science

Data Science has become an essential part of industries due to its underlying features.

  1. Ability to scan loads of data
  2. Ability to upscale sales figures and profitability
  3. Pattern recognition
  4. Detection of malicious or money laundering activities
  5. Risk mitigation in business.

According to Analytics India Report, Decision science will soon become the ‘Sunrise sector’ of India. Revenue due to analytics sector has amounted to 2 billion USD in the previous year. The initial capital investment was about 700 million USD. India has 600 Analytics firms, where it employs not more than 90,000 analytics. Clearly, there is a need for more data science specialists. Business corporations are seeking a mix of scientific aptitude and analytical skills in new recruits. In order to address the hiatus between need and resources, a holistic program has to develop.

Data Science is such a professional course and the need of the hour. It constitutes courses to help students master the fundamental aspects i.e. Artificial Intelligence, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Deep Learning and Machine Learning. This Learning course has been developed with acute research. It has a practical orientation and many experienced professionals provide hands-on training to students. Training is provided by developers, data scientists, and researchers so that students develop the skills to solve challenging problems. The training system motivates students to develop Deep Learning skills through advanced laboratories and workshops.

In order to apply for this course, candidates must be postgraduates in Science or Engineering. Or else they can be engineering graduates with 2 years of relevant experience. With such courses, there can be path-breaking innovations in the corporate sector.

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