June 2, 2020
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Here Is The Meaning Of Science And Technology

Here Is The Meaning Of Science And Technology

Science is a systematic process to gain knowledge through observation and experiments, and the practical application of science gives rise to technology. Technology is used to design products that improve the quality of human life.

The Meaning Of Science

Science is a systematic way of acquiring knowledge about a particular field of study. Science helps us to gain knowledge, through an organized system of observation and experimentation. This system is used to describe different natural phenomena. The aforementioned description is that of pure science, and biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth science are the basic fields of pure science.

The Meaning Of Science

The developments in science directly impact society and its understanding of the world. There is no particular end to scientific discoveries and the field is constantly evolving depending on the latest findings. The core basis of science is that it’s not influenced by moral or religious considerations. All of the research is based on facts and results from carefully crafted studies.

Science has been applied to all aspects of everyday life, from transportation to even the increase in genetically modified organism foods, affecting everything that people eat as well as the ecosystem. It has changed the fields of medicine and introduced new materials like plastics, which are widely used in hundreds of applications.

Meaning of Technology

Technology can be defined as the products, tools, and processes used to accomplish tasks in daily life. Technology is the application of science to solve a problem. Technology involves the application of engineering and applied sciences to solve the practical problems of human lives.

Technology is basically human knowledge that is used to create products and artifacts with the help of innovative tools, systems, and materials. Technology is used for communication, manufacturing, learning, securing data and transportation.

Positive Impact of Science and Technology

The impact of science and technology on humankind has been transformative on many levels. In particular, the birth of the Internet and its use by society has changed the way people communicate, learn and understand the world. Alongside the consumer aspect of technology, the advances in science and technology have also made great changes in the medical fields.

Negative Impact of Science and Technology

While most advancements are seen in a positive light, there have been negative consequences to science and technology on society. There are new types of technological crimes that were not possible before, and some argue that it homogenizes communities and cultures. Also, people are developing a dependence on technology and devices, which have been likened to heroin-like addictive behaviors.

The Future of Science and Technology

More and more, smart devices, appliances, and homes are replacing the traditional, nontechnological counterparts. There is a move towards advancing Smart Cities, which are believed to be the way of the future. One of the most talked-about topic surrounding science and technology is the subject of artificial intelligence (AI). The world of AI and robotics is exploding while people are still considering its implications and ethical considerations.

With the introduction of robotic police and increasingly intensified surveillance procedures, some people question the direction of science and technology, and whether it is good or bad for the future of humanity.

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