June 2, 2020
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To Know More About A Rocket Scientist

To Know More About A Rocket Scientist

You may have heard the phrase when referring to a simple task, “It’s not rocket science.” Have you ever wondered just how difficult rocket science must be if it is so commonly used when comparing it to an easy task?

Become A Rocket Scientist

Whether or not you are concerned about the difficulty of rocket science, you should know just how interesting and deep it can be. Reading information about studying to work as an aerospace engineer just might spark your interest in becoming a rocket science major. If you are undecided about majors but are interested in science and math, rocketry may be for you.

Become A Rocket Scientist

Studying aerospace engineering requires the consistent use of science and math, so before you decide that this is for you, make sure your grades in these areas are top-notch. Science, specifical physics, comes into the equation (no pun intended) often and you must be able to understand and work out the problems. Math is needed to calculate how much fuel you require for your rockets, as well as understanding the speed of rockets as they are launched and go into orbit. It is safe to say that every aspect of aerospace engineering requires math.

Working on your math and science skills will help you get into a great aerospace engineering program, but you must also focus on time management skills for your time in college. Learning something as complicated as rocket science will take a lot of time and energy, so you need to be sure that your dedication is strong. Learning time management in college will help you in the long run anyway, but if you want to succeed while working on your degree, you must be sure to practice time management early on.

If you want to see some space movies that are based on true stories, you should watch “Apollo 13” and “October Sky.” The interesting thing about “Apollo 13” is that it is likely that your parents and grandparents were alive to see many of the historical events that are portrayed in the film. There were several space missions that were televised in that time period, but no shuttle mission was popular enough to make it onto the silver screen until Apollo 13. Tom Hanks stars in the film as Jim Lovell, an astronaut obsessed with getting the chance to walk on the Moon’s surface. Lovell utters the famous phrase, “Houston, we have a problem.”

“October Sky” is about Homer Hickham, Jr., a young high school boy who lives in a coal-mining town but dreams of something more. After seeing Sputnik in the sky one night for the first time, Homer and his friends decide to learn how to build rockets and launch them in their town. His father is a coal miner and disapproves of Homer doing anything but following in his father’s footsteps, but Homer knows that rockets are his passion.

The film is based on Homer Hickham, Jr.’s memoir, “Rocket Boys,” and the movie’s title is an anagram of the book’s title. Reading the book and seeing these two films will hopefully inspire you to work hard in the field of aerospace engineering.

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